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Why not Loksatta?

Why did Activists who joined AAP, didn't consider to join Loksatta earlier?

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Development workflow with github & Acquia cloud

We are using github for our website development.
Moving to acquia cloud required us to move to a new docroot git structure different than what we currently have.

As our project is open source, We needed to be on github because of our workflow which is dependent on github pull requests.

Thanks to Peter Wolanin for the blog on "Using git subtree to Make a Distro Your Docroot"

Followed below steps to setup the environment.
git subtree is available without installation

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My first talk at UN - on edX @ Drupal NYC camp

Last weekend was amazing. Awesome camp organized by New York Drupal community, hosted at United Nations.

Stopped by security at entrance, for wearing a Hoodie with the print "I fucking love science". Had to remove it to proceed further ;)
Met awesome people.
Perfect weather for weekend.
Partied all night. City never sleeps.
Rode Citi bike on streets of NYC, from UN to bus station. People were friendly. Taxis weren't ;)

Got a very good response for my talk on edX.

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Steps to make a Drupal public file field into private


1. Configure Private file system path at /admin/config/media/file-system

2. For future files: Update field_config table for corresponding field



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When is it OK to hack core?

Let's consider a hypothetical situation below.

**Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. :)

Situation: Developer is ready to launch an ecommerce site and Client wants the commerce pages of the site to be under https

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When you don't want to install Display Suite

Cool Module to try when you don't want to install huge Display Suite module just to create a view modeEntity view modes |

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How to code SLC app without coding?

Without programming knowledge, you can participate in SLC Bounties

Camp Bounty ($2,000)

BIG BOUNTY ($75,000)


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Self-sustainable education

My Dream project!
  1. NGO adopts school
  2. Raises funds
    1. Govt will partially fund because it's getting the credit that it supports such projects.
    2. Alumni and their children
    3. People in that locality will fund for
      1. Clean environment
    4. Industries will fund as Social responsibility
      1. Tax benefits
      2. Human resources
        1. Media can get anonymous tips if something happens in the locality
        2. Online educational material
        3. 3.52174
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My thoughts on Education

What is Education?


  • Literacy refers to the ability to
    • read for knowledge and
      • NewsPaper, Constitution
    • write coherently and
      • Signature
      • RTI Application
    • think critically about the written word.
  • Simple Math
    • Count
    • Time
    • Interest Rate Calculation
  • Little Googling

Why we need education?

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Raspberry Pi - Experience

Bought this Linux box for $35

with Enclosure for $6.39

Hope I will be able to setup this educational programming environment on it.


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